Advertising Package of Pay & Use Toilets; eTender No.:AMCADVEST1819229 to AMCADVEST1819232

eTender cum eAuction for Advertising Package of Pay & Use Toilets

Opportunity to get Advertisement Rights on Pay & Use Toilets in CZ,EZ, NZ & SZ of Ahmedabad.

End Date and Time of Online Submission of Technical & Financial Bid with EMD: 22nd November 2018 18:00 HRS
SR e-Tender No. No. Of Pay & Use Toilets Media/Package Upset Price per year in Rs. EMD (10% of Upset Price) in Rs. eAuctioning Incremental Min Value in Rs. eAuction Date eAuctionTime Download Tender Document
1 AMCADVEST1819229 50 All 50 Pay & Use Toilets in NZ with all relevant Ad panels 15,00,000 1,50,000 10,000 28/11/2018 11:00AM to 02:00PM
1 AMCADVEST1819230 51 All 51 Pay & Use Toilets in SZ with all relevant Ad panels 15,30,000 1,53,000 10,000 28/11/2018 12:00PM to 03:00PM
1 AMCADVEST1819231 32 All 32 Pay & Use Toilets in EZ with all relevant Ad panels 9,60,000 96,000 10,000 28/11/2018 01:00PM to 04:00PM
1 AMCADVEST1819232 98 All 98 Pay & Use Toilets in CZ with all relevant Ad panels 29,40,000 2,94,000 10,000 29/11/2018 11:00AM to 02:00PM

Documents Required:

    GSTIN Copy
    Professional Tax Registration Copy
    Affidavit certifying that Bidder is not blacklisted
    Establishment Type Documents as follows: