AMTS Bus Advertising Package eTender No.:AMCADVAMT1819BA3

eTender cum eAuction for Bus Advertising

Golden Opportunity to get Advertisement Rights of Approx 700 AMTS Buses

End Date and Time of Online Registration of Bidders (Only Registered bidders can participate in eAuction)30th March 2019 14:00 HRS
End Date and Time of Online Submission of Financial Bid with EMD: 05th April 2019 16:00 HRS
SR eAuction Instances Years Minimum Upset Price per bus per month (in Rs.) eAuctioning Increment Value (in Rs.) eAuction Date eAuction Start Time eAuction End Time* Download Here
1 AMCADVAMT1819B04 First 1400 200 08-04-2019 11:00:00 12:00:00
2 AMCADVAMT1819B05 Second 1550 200 09-04-2019 11:00:00 12:00:00
3 AMCADVAMT1819B06 Third 1725 200 10-04-2019 11:00:00 12:00:00

Documents Required:

    GSTIN Copy
    Professional Tax Registration Copy/Shop-Act License Copy
    Affidavit certifying that Bidder is not blacklisted
    Financial Capability Statement
    Establishment Type Documents as follows: